2018 Recipients

Recipients of the 2018 “Jeffrey G. Hoeh” Memorial Golf Scramble


Bill W is 25 years old and was diagnosed with an inoperable stage 2 glioma in January of 2014 at the age of 21. He was just getting ready to receive his undergraduate degree from UC in speech pathology. He had a biopsy and radiation treatments in May after which time his tumor was considered stable. In March of 2016 the tumor started to grow again, and he was put on chemotherapy. The tumor was growing toward the brainstem and therefore caused issues with balance, hearing and numbness. In September of 2016 a 2nd biopsy result upgraded the tumor to a stage 4 cerebellar glioblastoma. He then tried a clinical trial chemotherapy, but the side effects were just too much.  Bill had to give up driving. He started another type of radiation treatment in February of 2017 which again stabilized the tumor however he was later diagnosed with blood clots and is now on a blood thinner as well.  November of 2017 brought on more tumor growth and as a result Bill started a clinical trial in Chicago.  Unfortunately, his symptoms of poor balance and coordination, exhaustion, visual and hearing issues and generalized weakness continue to get worse from the chemo drugs or tumor, he is not sure.  The result was that he had to be dropped from the clinical trial in early March of 2018 and is back to square one in terms of a treatment plan.  Bill has had to drop out of graduate school.  He was just accepted on disability and tries to work part time 2 days a week but is often missing work for treatments or the side effects he is experiencing.  His parents are his main means of support paying for food, insurance, medicines, phone and appointments not covered by the clinical trial.  He requires frequent MRI’s and physical, occupational and mental health therapies.  All this really adds up! Bill’s wish is to become more independent and pay more of his own way as he approaches 26. Please help us help this very deserving young man!         



Robert D is a 49-year-old who has had a long history of medical issues based on complications from his diabetes. He and his wife, Marissa, have three children, Alyssa (22), Robby (13), and Carolyne (12).  Rob has worked at a chemical plant for the past 16 years.  His schedule was hard on the body, as it included rotating shifts and mandatory 12-hour work days/nights. He was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension when he was 32.  Although Rob has always been under medical care for his conditions he has had continuous complications. At age 44, Rob was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), most likely related to the diabetes and hypertension. He was told at that time that he would at some point be in kidney failure and require dialysis. At age 47, the inevitable happened. Rob was diagnosed with stage 4 CKD and would need dialysis. Rob chose to do peritoneal dialysis at home because this would allow him to continue to work. The search for a kidney was launched. His life became a routine of working for 12 hours and being hooked up to his dialysis machine for 9 hours. This left very little time for everyday life activities and feelings of chronic fatigue. He worked until May 2017 when he was forced to take medical disability.  Rob finally had a kidney transplant in August 2017 in Indianapolis.  All were hopeful that it was an answer to a prayer and would give Rob a new beginning.  However, this was not the case as he continued to have one complication after another and his body is now rejecting the kidney.  He travels twice weekly to the hospital in Indianapolis for infusions and has negative side effects from the medications he is taking including fatigue, shortness of breath, body aches, and nausea. Rob and his family have taken a tremendous financial hit resulting from his health. He is currently taking 21 different medications, all requiring co-pays. He is paying high premiums on both Medicare and private insurance. He also has the costs associated with the travel to Indianapolis. They have exhausted most of the savings they had. Help us help Rob and his family as they continue down this road!



Gena Bis a 37-year-old wife to Gabriel and mother of their two beautiful daughters, Gianna (6) and Gabriella (3).  She was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, ER+, PR+, HER2- Breast Cancer on October 5th, a date that will forever mark a new path in her life.  Gena is extremely active in their church and her daughters’ schools.  She runs the giving tree at their parish during Christmas, as well as supporting the Oyler School with the help of friends.  She organized dinner for 90 students during a time when the school didn’t have funding to support the after-school dinner program.  She and her daughters have made blankets for those students since most lack the bare essentials.  Gena also volunteers for lunchroom duty, library time, school trips, and holiday parties.  She loves giving back and helping others in need in her spare time.  Volunteering has become a part of their family life.  She and her husband Gabe feel that they can make a difference no matter how small their time or donations are to others.  Since they are so used to helping others, they sometimes forget that it is OK to ask for help when needed.  They have lived here for 10 years and since their families are not in town, their parish, school, and neighbors have been their backbone, especially since the breast cancer diagnosis.  They help with picking up the girls, making meals, and supporting them with their prayers.  Their parish, school, and neighbors have become their family here.  Gena elected to have a bilateral mastectomy, and with their insurance, which is an HSA, they have depleted their savings and have been putting everything on a credit card.  With her continued treatment and their health plan resetting at the beginning of this year, they have worried about getting so far behind that they have discussed selling their house to pay off debt and pulling their girls out of Catholic schools.  Their schools and neighbors have been very supportive and provided their girls with an outlet besides home to be able to talk about her cancer or to not talk about it and to just be kids.  God is the reason for her strength, hope, and courage to beat cancer.  She wants to instill in her girls that no matter how tough and difficult the road is ahead, as long as you have faith and God, anything is possible.  That is why it is so imperative that they pay their medical bills and not have to remove their girls from their school and neighborhood.  Never in a million years did Gena think breast cancer could happen to her and that she would be asking for help for something so common in women.  But she feels that for some reason her life has been diverted on another path, perhaps one less traveled, and that maybe this journey will lead to a greater cause or to help others. Please help us, help Gena on her journey!

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Any hole, cart, pin flag, program ad or t-shirt sponsor monies donated in a particular recipient’s name will go entirely to that person (minus related expenses). All proceeds from the golf scramble, to include pre-sale raffle ticket money, will be split evenly among all our recipients. Our purpose is to give back the love and kindness that was shown to us during our time of need. All of our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly for the good of all our recipients to be that “touch of an angel.”

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