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 Recipients of the “Jeffrey G. Hoeh” Memorial Golf Scramble

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 Any hole or cart sponsors monies donated in a particular recipient’s name will go entirely to that person. All proceeds from the golf scramble, to include pre-sale raffle ticket money, will be split evenly among all our recipients. Our purpose is to give back the love and kindness that was shown to us during our time of need. All of our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly for the good of all our recipients to be that “touch of an angel”

Cristina C. -
On Father’s Day 2016, Cristina, the 17-year-old daughter of Erick and Sonia, the youngest of their six children, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Five days later, Cristina underwent an all-day brain surgery that removed over 90% of the tumor without any additional brain damage. “We don’t take that for granted, that’s a miracle right there,” said her father Erick. The tumor is called sonic hedgehog medulloblastoma. It is very common in younger people but at the same time, it is of a subtype that is considered potentially more aggressive. Cristina went on to bravely undergo 6 weeks of radiation therapy. She had a few weeks off and then began a 9-month course of chemotherapy scheduled to be completed by June 2017. With the wonderful support of her high school, Cristina has been able to take a few classes in her junior year — receiving tutoring and using FaceTime with a friend to be part of the classroom. Through all of this Cristina has also gone to physical, occupational and speech therapy. Cristina has been in and out of the hospital multiple times and is currently back in the hospital for over a month fighting a new non-cancerous growth in her brain caused as a side-effect of the radiation. This is not the first experience of brain injury for the family. Cristina’s mother, Sonia, experienced a traumatic brain aneurysm 10 years ago and the family has heroically faced and accepted all of the extra care Sonia has needed ever since. This impacted Cristina very much, as she was just six when her mother became ill. Cristina was always aware of her mom’s needs when she was home, helping daily and growing in a spirit of service to those in need. Cristina’s caregivers at the hospital describe her as “patient, wise, respectful and loving.” She learned these traits from her father who has been caring for his wife, and now, his daughter. He is an inspiration to all he meets. May these words Erick recently shared on Cristina’s care page encourage you to join us in helping with the many medical bills and needs facing this beautiful family: “Cristina has been invited to a special place in the Heart of Jesus; one where, through her suffering, she can help to heal and save souls. Her courage and resilience are a blessing to our family and to those who have the privilege to call themselves “her friends.” I salute all of you who have spent countless hours in prayer, wishing us well and supporting our family. I stretch my hand, and invite you to walk with us. Together we can learn with and from Cristina’s journey, to walk our own.”

Walter ("Bubz") H. - Bubz was a very energetic little 4 year old boy until September 15, 2015, when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. This is a very aggressive form of childhood cancer that is rarely curable after the age of 4. He immediately started grueling scans and heavy doses of chemotherapy. The cancer was throughout his entire bone marrow from the top of his head to his ankles. He also had a very large mass in his abdomen. In December 2015 he went into surgery. He lost his left kidney and they could not remove his entire tumor because it was connected to the 5 major arteries in his body. The only options were very strong rounds of chemotherapy that made him very ill, and at times, burned his skin. He endured 2 grueling stem cell transplants that kept him in isolation and many times in the PICU. Unable to continue any more treatments because his right kidney started to fail, all forms of aggressive treatment were stopped. They are keeping him on a low dose chemotherapy regimen until March 2017. Bubz now suffers from TMA (thrombotic microangiopathy) and stage 3 chronic kidney disease. He still requires numerous echocardiograms and non-stop testing on his kidney. He has been unable to attend school due to a compromised immune system and no immunizations (destroyed by the chemo). He is scheduled for another MIBG scan (a compound combined with radioactive iodine and delivered by targeted radiation therapy) to see if his cancer is still in remission. He will endure this scan every 3 months for the next 2 years. All of his treatments have been done as a testing phase to see if any advances in finding a cure for this cancer has been made. Together, let's help find a cure for Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.

Kevin K. - Kevin is a 37-year-old father to Maddie and stepfather to Jack. He has been married to Lauryl for nearly 3 years. When he was 5 years old he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which paralyzed one side of the face for months. At that time, his parents did not realize it, but it was actually the result of a bite from an infected tick. Lyme disease was now lying dormant in his body and did not manifest itself until almost 25 years later. Growing up Kevin had a love for horses. He spent most of his free time riding and training. Unfortunately, this love changed about seven years ago when Kevin developed non-specific ailments and infections that resulted in numerous visits to many different physicians. Headaches, rashes, lesions, painful joints, fatigue, night sweats, intolerance to heat and cold, memory issues, and numerous other symptoms were just the beginning of his frustrating journey. None of the physicians could actually explain these many ailments. During this time, Kevin was working in construction and struggling to work in this challenging environment. As Kevin became more weakened he was no longer able to work and hasn’t been able to ride a horse for more than two years. When he met his wife, Lauryl, she began working with him to find the cause of his medical issues. Physicians repeatedly told them that his laboratory results were “negative.” With some persistence and an understanding physician, they continued to look for causes. In early 2015, Kevin was tested for Lyme disease and his test was positive. While the diagnosis might seem like a relief, Kevin and Lauryl now found themselves facing an up-hill battle to get treatment. Doctors in this area do not treat chronic Lyme infection and treatment is not covered by insurance companies. Kevin travels to Pennsylvania for long-term treatment. He has more than 10 prescription medications and as many herbal supplements to help with the devastating effects on his immune system. There are many days/weeks when Kevin does not get out of bed or leave his house. During these times he requires more care. Kevin is blessed to have a strong support system to assist with his activities of daily living, cooking, getting the kids off the bus, doing homework, extracurricular activities, cleaning the house and so on. All the pressure has taken a toll on Kevin and his family affecting his emotional, physical and psychological state. This will be a long road for Kevin. But, his family and friends encourage him with reassurance when he wants to give up. Lauryl is the sole financial supporter in the family and the burden of the uncovered health care is huge. Doctor visits are expensive and are not covered by insurance along with the travel expenses to obtain treatment in Pennsylvania. The family is very hopeful that the antibiotic therapy will work and that Kevin will be restored to full health and able to someday return to work and riding horses again. He has a long road ahead of him, but he is a strong individual that loves spending time with his family being active and outdoors.


Nicole W. - Nicole is a 36 year old wife to Tommy and mother of her 3 beautiful daughters Mackenzie (16), Charlie (3) and Rylie (2) who was diagnosed in April 2016 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma grade 3, stage 1 breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast. As if this news wasn’t bad enough, she found out the same week in which her sister in law, a former JGH recipient was re-diagnosed. She was up for the fight knowing she was doing it with someone who had already been through it once. Now imagine having to fight this disease after watching your sister in law pass away just 9 weeks later. She was still up for the fight as she endured 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, a breast augmentation and an additional 11 rounds of chemotherapy after the double mastectomy. Nikki can say that she is cancer free at the current time, but she still has to battle this disease for the next 10 years as she has to take pills to prevent the cancer from coming back in addition to more tests and scans. Nikki can use any and all support, prayers and good thoughts to get her through this fight. Nikki has an army of family and friends who are by her side to fight with her, including her parents Mike and Cindy, her brother Mike and sister-in-law Sarah, and her sister Holly and brother-in-law Tony. You can help Nicole and her family by continuing to pray and offer words of encouragement. Nicole is a beautiful person inside and out. She will do anything for anyone and always puts others before herself. She enjoys her career as a hair stylist and is very good at it. She loves spending time with her kids, being around family, going to the lake, sporting events, concerts or just a dinner with friends.

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